“My son has verbal dyspraxia. Ann took this non-verbal boy and transformed into the young man you see presenting in front of his class. Without Ann’s dedication, passion, and support, I do not know where my son would be today. I was lucky to find Ann Walker. She loves what she does and she is very good at it.

I am forever grateful.”

Mary Smith, Concord, NH

“As parents, we can’t say enough about the great things Ann did for our daughter. It is difficult to watch your child struggle with anything, particularly speaking; communication is such a vital skill to success. My wife and I were fortunate enough to be there with Ann when our daughter’s eyes opened wide and sparkled as she was able to say something she never had before. We can’t even begin to imagine what life would have been like for our daughter without Ann’s help. She truly made all the difference in the world.”

John and Kiersty Scarponi, Canterbury, NH

“I am in awe of the miracles Ann has accomplished with some of our most severely challenged students. If you need someone to create hope where there was none, to reach kids no one else can reach, to make a real difference, then you need Ann.”

Teresa Speigel, Speech and Language Tutor
and Certified Elementary School Teacher

“Thanks to Ann’s patience, professionalism, and passion, our reluctant (upper elementary age) son was able to make measurable gains with his speech. Ann used a variety of strategies to ensure our son was engaged during every session. When someone asks us if we know of any speech and language pathologist in the area, we quickly respond with the name Ann Walker.”

Proud and pleased clients, the Campbells

“Ann worked with my two boys while they were in pre-school and kindergarten. Her attention to detail and dedication to children were appreciated, as they worked hard to overcome their difficulties with articulation and sensory issues. I highly recommend her services.”

Kristen Cook, Bow, NH

“Ann Walker has a multiplicity of strengths. She is wise, reflective, diligent, perceptive, knowledgeable, articulate, determined and resourceful. She challenges herself every day to be the best she can for the students with whom she works. She has earned the reputation of being highly competent and trustworthy. She is also an exceptional diagnostician.”

Dr. Roger C. Brooks, Principal

“Ann has worked with all three of our boys over the past five years. She has done a fantastic job with each of them. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, but she also has a kind and nurturing manner. She demonstrates compassion, respect, and empathy while administering individualized methods, both traditional and contemporary, during therapy sessions which yield successful results. We have seen our 11-year-old blossom into a well-spoken and confident young man under Ann’s direction. We have nothing but the highest regard for her and her therapy methods.”

Christie and John Wheeler, Bow, NH

“Ann saw my son while he was in second through fourth grades. His specific articulation issue was the /r/ sound. Ann built a wonderful rapport with my son and our family. Sometimes we would sit in on Ann’s sessions and she would always explain why she was doing an exercise. She gave us homework each week and sent us home with a bag of “toys” to use for the speech work. My son’s /r/ issue was tricky, but Ann never gave up. She would attend conferences and read extra materials to find new ways to approach his therapy. When she felt my son had come as far as he was able, Ann told us it was time to stop therapy. I’m proud to say that my son now speaks very clearly. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone needing speech therapy. She is kind and funny and incredibly hard-working.”

Dan and Danielle Meserve, Hopkinton, NH

“Ann is a consistent, resourceful, creative, child-centered professional whom always works to ensure that a student’s education is the center of all interventions. She has taken on the initiation of the “Social Thinking Skills Curriculum” for our self-contained EH program as well as classrooms in need in the in entire elementary school.”

Melanie MacDonald, Special Education Coordinator

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ann for about 10 years. Her skills as a speech and language therapist are phenomenal. She has a way of capturing a child’s interest during her sessions. I have seen firsthand what Ann’s expertise and experience have done to improve child’s skills in the area of feeding and speech. Her specialty in oral placement therapy is one of her most valuable assets. Without hesitation, I would hire Ann for my own children and would recommend her to others.”

Rebecca Guibord, MSPT (Physical Therapist)

“Ann is a true professional and a seasoned expert in her field. Ann relates exceptionally well with all ages and uses motivating and successful techniques to improve the quality of students’ speech and language. Kids love her! Having Ann as a provider and consultant to our team was valuable and a key to the success of our student.”

Margaret Brown, Special Education Teacher/
Case Manager, Bow High School

“When my son first met Ann, he was four-years-old and he had a tendency to shy away from new people and situations. When Ann approached him, she sat down on the floor next to him, and my son immediately crawled into her lap and snuggled. It was an immediate connection. Ann has an innate ability to work with children by capitalizing on their strengths to help them learn, grow, and gain new skills. She works with children in a gentle way, finding what will hook their interest and make learning fun and engaging, while keeping them working toward their goals. My son, Brant, has high functioning autism and Ann was able to help him achieve things I never thought possible.

There is a long list of things my son may never have been able to accomplish without Ann’s effort, enthusiasm, and years of hard work. One was an oral motor program to help him manage his saliva. Another was helping him improve his expressive language skills to better communicate with peers and adults. Ann was also a wonderful advocate for Brant and facilitated his inclusion in regular classes and programs at his school. She worked with Brant for six years, and helped him overcome his fear of large open spaces and crowds so that he could successfully attend and participate in PE classes, eat in the cafeteria, participate in chorus and band, and perform in school concerts. He even signed up for the Student Actor’s Program and performed in the school play. Ann developed social stories, used desensitization strategies, and de-stressing activities to help him be able to attend weekly town meetings with his class. She used similar strategies to help Brant overcome his fear of riding on a bus so that he could take field trips with his class. He even rode a bus with his class to New York City. Acquiring these skills and overcoming so many fears have opened up tremendous opportunities for my son. He can now attend various performances, ride the bus to and from school, and has even gotten on an airplane and traveled to Florida to go to Disney! For all of these reasons, and many more, I am and always will be grateful Ann was part of my son’s life.”

Lori Foster, parent

Evaluations and Therapy for:
• Oral Placement for Feeding and Speech
• Articulation
• Tongue Thrust/Reverse Swallow
• Phonological Processing Disorders
• Apraxia
• Dysarthria
• Receptive and Expressive Language
• Developmental Language
• Language Processing
• Fluency
• Social Thinking Skills
• Pragmatic Language Skills

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